Fossiel's NEW line of exotic indulgences

Fossiel will bring to the souls of our most discerning clientele, decadent stone building material from around the globe. Get ready for what you have never had before at your fingertips, and only in your dreams. It’s now here.

Sukabumi Verde

Lava Stone

Fossilized Shell Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone also known as Pedra Hijau Verde,  is a popular natural stone in the niche and luxury swimming pool tile market.

Black Lavastone also known as Pedra Hitam, can be considered as the most natural kind of stone. 100% Pure Lava. 

Caribbean Fossilized Shell Stone contains fragments of ancient shells and sand that protrude from the surface. Shellstone is a white-cream limestone composed of shells.

Fossil Coral Stone

Balinese Kerobokan+ Tiger Eye

Yellow Palimanan Sandstone

Caribbean Fossilized Coral Stone is a natural stone formed by ancient corals that contain numerous marine fossils, minerals, and other organisms that are estimated to be over 65 million years old. 

Kerobokan can have a very, rustic or sleek contemporary feel depending on how it is cut. You can see in almost every place of Bali. The local resident uses Paras Kerobokan for almost every inch of their house, from the wall, tiles, and also floor.

 Palimanan Stone is a soft stone, not as hard as Andesite. The sediment of sand forms this stone over many years. The color is white and yellow. It also has yellow fibers that make the stone look like wood.

Palimanan Java Stone

Indonesia Basalt Stone

Floor, Tile & Wall Cladding

White Limestone Palimanan is mined from the Island of Java, Indonesia. It has a classic and elegant texture, natural color of cream. White Limestone comes with many benefits, such as anti-slip, a stable temperature, and elegant color. 

Andesite is rock that comes from volcano. It is a natural lava stone formed from volcanoes and originates in the Mount Andes of Indonesia.

Fossilwood, AKA Petrified Wood has organic and elegant textures sporting both modern and rustic design elements and abilities.  The natural colors of cream, beige, brown, and black are the dominant schemes of this earthly material. 

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