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Come to our facility with your own equipment. We will load it on your truck.

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Large containerized shipments to your preferred port globally.

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Frequently Asked

Is Petrified Wood A Tree Fossil?
Yes, petrified wood is the preserved remains of a prehistoric organism (a tree) so it is a fossil. The original cellulosic organic material has been replaced by quartz. A dinosaur fossil in a museum has undergone the same process. Unlike other types of fossils which are usually impressions or compressions, petrified wood is a 3D representation of the original organic material.
Does your business operate sustainably?

Our vision at Fòssięl is to create superior value through the sourcing, repurposing and distribution of our mineralized resources in our art. The sustainable management of our operations is integral to our ability to obtain and maintain our social license to operate and to generate long-term value. We believe our responsible sourcing practices can help promote the protection of human rights, fair and safe labor practices, protection of the environment and ethical business conduct. We also believe that these practices can help create economic opportunity for communities along the supply chain. We uphold high standards in quality and for social and environmental practices.

Is Petrified Wood legal to excavate from the earth?
Yes and No. Petrified wood is NOT legal if it resides within a government-protected area or park such as The Arizona Petrified Wood Forest National Park or The Egyptian Petrified Forest which is located about 30 minutes outside of Cairo. Petrified Wood is indeed legal if it is found on private lands. This is where Fossiel sources ALL of our raw materials around the world. Often farmers, in certain parts of the world, preparing their land for their respective crops will come across a deposit of petrified wood which to them is a nuisance (and a new revenue stream). They will sell off to the open market like a commodity.
Where do the different colors in the Fossilwood come from?
The minerals that infuse petrified wood produce different colors. For example, carbon produces black, iron produces red. The most common minerals found in petrified wood include iron oxides, manganese oxides, carbon, chromium, copper, cobalt, and silicon dioxide. Albeit, there are many more possibilities. The unique combination of minerals included in the petrified wood is dependent on the minerals present in the water/mud/volcanic ash that entombed the wood for millions of years.
What minerals make the color of Petrified Wood?

The colors of the petrified wood reflect the minerals present in the surrounding soil or water that petrify it. Red: Iron (hematite) Orange: Iron (ferric oxy-hydroxides) Yellow: Iron (ferric oxysalts, Uranium Minerals (e.g. carnotite). Green: Ferrous iron (e.g. chlorite), Malachite, Chromium-mica, Uranium Minerals (e.g. torbernite), Nickel (e.g. garnierite). Blue: Light scattering from voids and inclusions, Copper (e.g. azurite), Cobalt salts. Purple/Violet: Manganese (e.g. purpurite), Ferric iron (as in amethyst).Brown: Iron (mixed ferric iron-bearing minerals). Black: Manganese oxy-hydroxides, Graphite, Magnetite, Pyrite. White: Fluid or gas inclusions. Grey: Various dark inclusions.

Do you offer customized commissions and commercial bulk orders?
Indeed. Management has heavy experience in supply chain management, raw material sourcing, and international logistics. The owner of Fossiel has built a raw material supply of critical mass. True commercial scale. Fossiel is able to custom-make items for individual homeowners as well as bulk orders for the commercial industrial design and build community. Current lead times on custom work are 4-6 months from order.
Do you offer shipping to my home or business?
100{f0b93bcf466e4969ad221fe55fa7694d1a4c0adb8527dc7c7717a430b40f26b6}. Fossiel has a global logistics infrastructure within. We ship all over the world. Shipping services include door-to-door, door-to-port, LCL, FCL, and bulk movements. White Glove Shipping from our door to your chosen location in your home or commercial space for your masterful pieces is also available in select markets. Find more info in our shipping policy.
How to clean Fossil Wood

Keep it Simple!


When cleaning petrified wood, opt for a mild or natural cleanser. Mild hand soaps and apple cider vinegar are good options for cleaning petrified wood. These should be enough to remove dirt and grime from your wood and leave it looking clean and fresh.

Cleaning petrified wood is simple. Gently rub down your wood with your pad and a small amount of your chosen cleaner. Wipe off any dirt and debris stuck to the wood, leaving it clean and shiny. Use only warm water if you clean your wood regularly and it's not very dirty. The fewer products you use on petrified wood, the better.


*Petrified wood should never be cleaned with chemicals! 



Warm Water

Deionized Water

Mild Cleaners

Fabric Cloth

Microfiber Cloth



Harsh Chemicals

Gritty Fabrics 

Over Clean